A Documentary Film 

by Chris Flanagan

Shella Record - A Reggae mystery Trailer

Hot Docs 2019 - Top Twenty Audience Favourite

UPCOMING SCREENINGS: Winnipeg Cinematheque - August 21-31, 2019

  • Kingston, Jamaica February 2020
  • World Premiere at Hot Docs International Festival April 2019

Artist and vinyl fanatic Chris Flanagan becomes haunted by a lost singer’s voice after discovering an incredible junk shop record. He embarks on a quest to find the singer, known as Shella Record, from Toronto, to Kingston Jamaica and all across America enlisting the help of psychics, private investigators and a ghost hunter on a surreal adventure. SHELLA RECORD ‒ A REGGAE MYSTERY is a meditation on the power of music and obsession, blurring fact and fiction through the use of Flanagan’s creative studio built models and fantastical recreations.

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